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Minutemen, Italy and Subtraction…

On Friday we started a book called “Sam the Minuteman” and it’s about a 7 or 8 year old boy who goes with his father to help stop the British soldiers from reaching Concord. We were only ‘supposed’ to read the first half of the book, and answer a few questions.

Well, the kids weren’t having that, we had to finish the book. It was a bit intense, and if I were them it would have been a real cliff hanger! So we finished read it it, and had to do a bit of review of the second half for today’s reading assessment. He enjoyed the book and made a perfect score on the test 🙂

This evening was the (hi)story of Romulus and Reamus, and a little (very little) Italian geography. Once again a perfect test score.

I threw him for a loop this afternoon and he didn’t catch it! I need to mix it up a bit. We started Unit 2 in our Math book, already, sheesh,. It was subtraction, so when he added 8-2 he was surprised when I started calling out the answers and they were all very different from the ones he gave. “OH NO! MOM I added!” Poor kid had to start all over. But he did it in record time and, drum roll…. yeah, another perfect test score.

I think I am going to be sending his teacher an e-mail and ask about ‘assessing out’ of the math he knows. I have heard of other GVA parents doing something similar. So…we’ll see. It would be nice if he was slightly challenged. We’ll keep going with the Language Arts and not skip ahead in that because I want to make sure he really masters grammar. It is very easy for him and I know he remembers a lot of it from last year, but I don’t want to assess out. We’ll stick to Science and History as is, because it is new material for him, so YAY.

On top of that, we made a trip out to the grocery store, it’s been a long day! Time to get ready for our family reading and then bed. This month we started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for the 2nd time. I read it to the kids when they were 6 and 2, so it’s not like they really remember that much. And we’re all enjoying it again. My son really hopes we keep this up, because I agreed to read until he said it got too scary. Which means we could be reading Order of the Phoenix, which I was a bit wary about. But we’ll make sure to put the girl to bed before cracking that one open 😉


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