Happy Birthday Mr. J!!!

    to my son!!

to my son!!

8 years ago today I was woken with a phone call. My husband, a Marine, was still in bed with me and this was unusual. It was Monday morning, he should have been gone at 6!!!

It was my doctor on the phone, my 2nd set of lab results was back in and they goofed the first time! Protein is way high, need to induce today and meet the baby!!

We took our time getting to the hospital. I packed the car slowly, while my husband showered, I was terribly nervous, I had wanted to avoid being induced at all costs. But it looked like I was pre-eclamptic and it was the best way to ensure that baby and I were both healthy.

When we arrived at the hospital the nurse asked if I was sure of my dates, I believe she said that I looked to only be about 5 months along. She said she would have to call my doctor to verify her orders. I assure you I was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I was not there to try an induce a premature baby!!

Finally after about 30 minutes room was available and the first nurse I saw had me change my clothes, and I didn’t stand up for myself to wear my own clothes. I wish I had fought harder. I was put on a monitor and contracting  every 6 minutes already. The first doctor came in and started listing off all the things he was going to do ‘for’ me. An IV to start the labor and a second bag to control my blood pressure. And then a catheter. I protested and started crying. I wanted to move around, not be confined to a bed, I don’t want the catheter. Apparently the crying scared him off he left to get the attending on the floor.

He came in and sat down and explained to me why each of these things was ‘necessary’ for my labor, and I consented to the induction but refused cytotec before he could utter the words. “Why?” He asks, ‘It’s a fantastic drug, works every time!” I told him why. He told me that because I was already contracting, and already 3-4 cm he couldn’t use it anyway.

The induction started around 12 (when they put the bracelets on and I was officially admitted. Around 4 the same doctor came back to check me, and with out removing his hand asked if he could break my water. I agreed just to get him out of there, it hurt. I did manage to get his butt wet though Warm fluid filled the area around my bottom, and the next contraction was noticeably different. My best friend arrived shortly before this with Popsicles and lollipops for me 

At 6 pm, my blood pressure was scary. They were concerned I was going to stroke or lose conciousness. So they talked me into an epidural, but I had to refuse the internal monitor. The nurse was a real witch, and yelled at me and my husband. He held the external monitor for the procedure and we never once lost the heart tones. Luckily it was shift change, and our new nurse was MUCH more kind. She wanted to check my vitals, including my temp, but was suddenly nauseas and couldn’t open my mouth. She patiently waited and looked at the read out from the monitors. She asked if she could check my cervix again, and I consented. I was complete!!! I asked her to turn off the epidural, and she called them back to turn it off. I think they waited a while, but it’s all a blur. The magnesium sulfate makes the majority of what happened difficult to remember,but, mostly the emotional aspect is lost.

I started pushing right away, it felt better than doing nothing, though I had no urge to push. I lay flat on my back for a while, but this did funky thinks to my blood pressure so the nurse helped me get into a side lying position. After the first hour, we still couldn’t see him, but apparently I was making some progress at getting him under my pubic bone. I was on my other side now, pushing for a few minutes before he slipped under. Once he was under the pubic bone, I was back on my back, O2 mask on my face in between. (I hated it during contractions, and the nice nurse let me control when I had it on and when I had it off. She also stopped counting after the first few pushes and was reminding the new nurses coming in to “help” that “Mom doesn’t want us to count” which I can’t tell you how much I appreciated.

Suddenly the CNM and the same doctor from earlier in the afternoon came in. CNM asks me if I’m getting tired, “How are you doing mom? Getting tired!? It’s been about 2 hours, would you like us to help you out…” she goes on to re-explain the vacuum extraction. I agree to it. I was doing great, but she HAD to mention the time. Suddenly I wasn’t doing as well as I thought. It only felt like half an hour total.

Two pushes with the vacuum and it pops off, scaring my husband. But his head is mostly out, and so is his LEFT ARM!! Well!! “Look dad! He’s reaching for the keys!!” Yells the OB. I push again, finally feeling an urge. His head his born, another push and I’m sure they’re pulling, and he’s born! 9:53pm!!! Welcome to the world little man!!!

Brand New Little Boy

Brand New Little Boy

He was later the ‘hit of the nursery’ all the nurses loved him, loved his name and thought he was just the cutest little guy. He was pretty popular with the ladies, and he still is!!!

This story was written on his actual birthday, 9-24. And for those of you who know the birthy side of me, I hope to soon be writing about parts of his pregnancy and then his birth story on my other blog, purely for discussion. His birth is what lead me down the path of Normal Birth, doula work, and a dream to be a midwife…


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