Tellus Museum

The kids and I drove out to the Tellus Museum yesterday, so thankful for not only something to do outside of the house, but that we are members and it was practically FREEEEE. I did spend some money on snacks and a little in the gift shop. I also got LOTS of good birthday/Christmas gift ideas. I may need to run up there soon since little girls birthday is ON FRIDAY!!!

We had heard there was going to be a Mineral field trip but we missed out and it was cancelled. But we went anyway! We spent some time in Big Back yard, wandering around the fossils, and minerals, and then I let the kids go dig for fossils and pan for gems. We got lots of gems (no pictures of them panning because of all the water!) and they each found fossils!! Misplaced fossils at that.

We met a couple other homeschoolers there, but my kids, having seen the museum a few times now, weren’t too interested in staying with the group, and I was developing a headache, so I wasn’t too keen on trying to stay in the adult conversation/teaching all the kids/wrangling mine to stay put. Once I said “ok we can go over to ___” they chilled out and cooperated.

I tried to teach, and use the world of learning that is this great museum, but the best I got ouf of Jack was a review of the continents as we watched this giant globe transform from Pangea into the Earth we know today. He did really well!

Hopefully I’ll be able to take the pictures off my camera later today and get them on here 🙂


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